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* Citymeals on Wheels BK Brunch!

We’re excited to be raising money for Citymeals on Wheels for the whole of May in association with their Brooklyn Brunches program. We’ll donate $1 for every brunch special sold, and offer you the opportunity to kick in a buck, too, if you like, whether you choose a special or order from the regular menu! We hope to raise many hundreds of dollars for this great cause! Why “Brooklyn” Brunches you might ask? Because, “while Citymeals delivers in all five boroughs, Brooklyn is home to our highest number of meal recipients. Last year alone, we delivered 660,991 weekend, holiday and emergency meals to 5,273 of our frail aged neighbors in the borough.”

So join us this month and eat out for a good cause! More info and a list of other participants is here.Brooklyn Brunches FINAL



* EPA Climate Change Page

Earlier this year the EPA inexplicably deleted informative and useful pages from their website about climate change, the most important issue facing humanity today. The City of Chicago has done us the service of putting them back up on their website, and you can access them here. As proponents of sustainability we believe in widely sharing information and strategies for addressing this critical problem.

* BBG’s Greenest Storefront in BK

It’s official – Rose Water is the Greenest Storefront in Brooklyn!  We’re honored to be recognized, and grateful to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and to our neighbor John Crow for nominating us. What a great way to celebrate our 15th birthday!

You can read more about BBG’s Greenest Block in BK Awards here.

Also, a big thank you to the woman who has done such a great job as our resident green thumb for the last handful of years – Karen Souza. You rule!

Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

* Best Brunch in BK – Zagat




The votes are in, and RW has the second Best Brunch in BK! (Considering that we’re behind the River Cafe and it’s $55 prix fixe and incredible views, we’re feeling like winners!)

Seriously, we’re so grateful to all our loyal customers, and to those that voted for us in Zagat’s Best Brunch in Brooklyn survey. And we’re very proud of our staff who make it happen every weekend. Thank you!!!

View the Zagat Top Ten here.