* Citymeals on Wheels BK Brunch!

We’re excited to be raising money for Citymeals on Wheels for the whole of May in association with their Brooklyn Brunches program. We’ll donate $1 for every brunch special sold, and offer you the opportunity to kick in a buck, too, if you like, whether you choose a special or order from the regular menu! We hope to raise many hundreds of dollars for this great cause! Why “Brooklyn” Brunches you might ask? Because, “while Citymeals delivers in all five boroughs, Brooklyn is home to our highest number of meal recipients. Last year alone, we delivered 660,991 weekend, holiday and emergency meals to 5,273 of our frail aged neighbors in the borough.”

So join us this month and eat out for a good cause! More info and a list of other participants is here.Brooklyn Brunches FINAL